May 2017
Botanical and Still Life Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Martin Chappuies –
Rhythm of the Woods

1st Place
Kay Kocher –
Cabbage Patch

2nd Place
Kathy Palmer Genzman –
Poppin’ Poppies

3rd Place
Ellie Miller –

Honorable Mention Awards
Betty Jean Jacobson –
Back to Fluid Watercolor
Joan Palombi –
Cabin in the Garden II
Carol Sicha –
From My Garden

Juror's Comments:

This is a lovely show in many ways. The subject matter lends itself to COLOR in a very strong way and as usual, to your own favorite coloration. As a teacher of art for thirty years I like to see good composition, strong handling of value, sensitive use of color and your personal reaction to the plant life. My only real compliant is the constant use of black frames when it detracts from the art work, and the use of a mat which doesn’t have enough depth under the art work.

Julie Harris – April 21, 2017

Accepted Works

Paul Brand

Vava Campbell

Melody Carle

Martin Chappuies
Alice Dewey
Kathy Palmer Genzman

Michael Hill

Marti Huepenbecker

Betty Jean Jacobson

Kay Kocher

Duane Lammers
Sharon Lennard

Mary McColough

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien
Joan Palombi

Diane Rombes

Joe Rudski
Elaine Scarvelis
Carol Sicha
Maggie Sullivan

Mack Walton

Claire Wilson

Apple, Oranges and Grapes
Hanging Flowers
Ginger Bromeliad
Sea Grapes
Botanical Garden Magic
Botanical Whimsy
Rhythm of the Woods
Jamaica I
Poppin' Poppies
Summer's Glory
Blue Hydrangea
Red Hibiscus
Snap Dragon
Dreamy Bloom
Acrylic Diversion
Back to Fluid Watercolor
In the Beginning
Cabbage Patch
Duke Gardens
Silk Scarf
Summer Delight
Wild Roses
Earthen Vessels
Purple & Pink
Shrooms & Garlic
Portuguese Pottery
Queen Anne's Lace & Swallowtail
Cabin in the Garden II
Birches at Sunrise
Granger Island, Waterville, Ohio
Lagoon at Crystal Lake
Still Life
For Me?
From My Garden
Fantasy Blooms
Red Tulips
Cute Fruit
Time in Space
… and Through the Woods