July 2017
“America” Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Carol Sicha – Remember

1st Place
Julie Draeger –
Lakeside Porch

2nd Place
Mack Walton – Grampa’s House

3rd Place
Claire Wilson –
Canyon Colors

Honorable Mention Awards
Marti Huepenbecker –
Home Town U.S.A.
Ellie Miller –
Alaska Cabin
Paul Sneider –
America’s Riverboat Era

Juror's Comments:

First let me begin by saying what an honor it was to be asked to juror this show. As I walked into the room, there were several works that jumped out at me and although there weren’t as many entries as The Toledo Artists’ Club usually takes in, the work was outstanding making it difficult to choose award winners. I constantly thought of the theme of the show, America, as I made my choices and so many works brought back wonderful memories.

I choose Carol Sicha’s acrylic painting, “Remember” as best of show because I couldn’t stop going back to it and looking at it. It reminded me of visiting my Uncle Buddy’s farm on Sundays and my Father walking all of us children out the barn to see the animals. I don’t think it gets more American than that. Her use of color and painting style appealed to me.

Julie Draeger’s work, “Lakeside Porch was fantastic. I loved the color choices, the painted border around the image, and the brush strokes. This work put me in mind of Vincent Van Gough, one of my favorite artists and with the hint of the flag in the background bold yet subtle, made me think of our country.

Mark Walton’s oil painting, “Grandpa’s House” was just lovely, tranquil, and I thought very accomplished in style and use of color.

Claire Wilson’s mixed media piece, “Canyon Colors” reminded me of the quilts that my grandmother hand stitched using old wore out clothing and sugar sacks. The colors and textures were stunning.

Ellie Miller’s watercolor, “Alaska Cabin was a delightful well executed piece.

Marti Huepenbecker’s photo, “Hometown U.S. A.” was charming, putting me in mind of small town America.

Paul Sneider’s oil painting, “America’s Riverboat Era” used intricate detail, which made the work intriguing.

Thank you for the opportunity to select work from such an accomplished group of artists.

Debra Buchanan

Accepted Works

Pam Alspach
Julie Draeger
Michael Hill
Marti Huepenbecker

Ellie Miller

Carol Sicha
Paul Sneider

Romaine Stawowy
Mack Walton

Claire Wilson

Boat Show Ready
Lakeside Porch
Liberty Hopeful
Home Town U.S.A.
The County Fair
Windy Day on the Lake
Alaska Cabin
Bryce Canyon
Covered Bridge
America's Riverboat Era
America's Story Teller
Packard at Meadow Brook Hall
An Old Favorite
Go Go Camaro
Grampa's House
Woodsy Shortcut
Canyon Colors
Fiber Flag