September 2017
Artist’s Choice Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Kathy Palmer Genzman – Niagara Visit

1st Place
Colleen O’Brien –
Kinetic Energy

2nd Place
Thomas Sorrell –
Making an Entrance

3rd Place
Joe Rudski –
Books Goblet & Silk

Honorable Mention Awards
Sharon Lennard –
God’s Handy Work
John Trumbull –
Sand & Shade
Clarie Wilson –
Brazen Squares

Juror's Comments:

It was a pleasure to judge this show titled “Artist’s Choice” for August, 2017. There were 67 pieces of art but only room for about 52 for this gallery. With great difficulty, I had to eliminate 15 pictures.

This show centers on the theme of Artist’s Choice and the participants were asked to show their favorite pieces. The pieces were judged on how well they represented their theme and whether the theme is understood. The degree of difficulty was also considered.

Watercolors, acrylics, photographs and collages comprise these artists’ efforts. Their art reflects introspection and interpretation. No matter what the artists palette, all show their love of creating. Originality, along with the quality of execution of the piece is important. Design, composition, technique, control of the medium, quality of the colors and balance between color and design were considered.

Much thought has gone into this show, and I encourage you to look for the freshness of composition and a wide range of expression.
The works receiving the awards were chosen for:
1. Value of light and dark with repeated variation in both 2. Color harmony and variation 3. Shape or motif with transitional forms 4. Variety of spacing 5. Line and edge variation 6. Focus and a central idea 7. Unity/harmony 8. Subjective response. Did this hold my attention?

This was an enjoyable show to judge and a pleasure to view.

Claire Kirsner
September 2017

Accepted Works

Anne Abate

Liga Daiga

Lila DeWitte

Ronald Fox

Kathy Palmer Genzman

Michael Hill

Marti Huepenbecker
Kay Kocher

Duane Lammers
Sharon Lennard

Sally Marti
Marsha McHugh

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Katherine Pattay
Diane Rombes

Joe Rudski

Carol Sicha
C. David Smith
Joanne Smith
Paul Sneider

Thomas Sorrell

Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson

John Trumbull

Mack Walton

Claire Wilson

Down, Not Out
Silver Pitcher
Is it a bird?
Three of a Kind
Pure Love
Sugar Plums
Go Walleye
Niagara Visit
Waterville Depot
Zuki and Chai
Autumn Colors
Lakeside Cottage
Rock Collection
Sea Grapes
Can't Stop Love
God's Handy Work
The Gift
Iowa Cornfield
Bapa's Peppers
Drifting Clouds
California Coast
Field Flowers
Grand Rapids Art Gallery
Kinetic Energy
Summer Bouquet
Books Goblet & Silk
Nasturtium Galore
All About the Journey
Tropical Paradise
Little Man
Zoo Citizen
A Motley Crew
Eyeing the Competition
Making an Entrance
Waimea Canyon
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Cosmic Display
Lazy Water
Sand & Shade
The Co-op
Big Island Memory
Glass City
Brazen Squares