December 2016
Holiday Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Michael Hill –
Fence in Winter

1st Place
Colleen O’Brien – Wildwood Prairie

2nd Place
Ellie Miller – My Christmas Card

3rd Place
Sharon Lennard – Joy to the World

Honorable Mention Awards
Sharon Lennard – Love is Born
Diane Rombes –
Transition from Summer to Autumn
Romaine Stawowy –
Some of My Favorite Things

Juror's Comments:

When selecting the prize winners for your Holiday Show the primary criteria were “investment” and intensity. These are related because it is the artist’s investment that creates the intensity. Michael Hill’s Fence in Winter takes a simple, almost forgettable scene and imbues it with a level of intense abstraction that only minute attention to detail and craft can create. The other place winners and honorable mentions also exhibit the artist’s investment in perception, craft and experimentation. As artists we don’t so much make things (paintings, photos, sculpture) as events. We have an experience with the world and with materials and we try to create a memorable experience for viewers.

I congratulate all who “shared their mania” in this how. Keep making!

Michael Arrigo – 11/18/16

Accepted Works

Pam Alspach
Michael Hill
Marti Huepenbecker

Sharon Lennard

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Joan Palombi
Katherine Pattay
Diane Rombes

Elaine Scarvelis

Mel Sicklebaugh

Paul Sneider
Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson
Claire Wilson

Early November 15
Fence in Winter
Toledo Botanical Garden, Winter
Winter in the Garden
Joy to the World
Love is Born
Peace on Earth
Christmas Cactus
My Christmas Card
Rolling Hills
Wildwood Prairie
Dancing Dahlias
Winter Blanket
Birch Trees in the Fall
S'mores on Christmas Day
Transition from Summer to Autumn
Streaming Ice
Winter Beauty
Covered Bridge
Many Waterfalls
Path in Fall
Northwest Fishing
Some of My Favorites
The Angel, the King & the Cow
Winter Angels