October 2016
Autumn Splendor Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Doris Mathias –
Garden Group

1st Place
Ellie Miller –

2nd Place
Marti Huepenbecker –
Gazebo View, Autumn

3rd Place
Michael Hill –
Leaves and Acorns

Honorable Mention Awards
Donlyn Meyers –
Pumpkin Wagon
Carol Sicha –
Watchful Eye
John Trumbull –
Autumn at the Lake

Juror's Comments:

Autumn is a unique time of year and I can tell that there was no loss of inspiration. What I found interesting was the vigorous use of color by our participants. Each seemed to recognize that strong color is something you need not shy away from. It was interesting to note that some artists were using watercolor with collage and cut paper.

The difficult task of a single juror is to not let your notions of composition or subject matter dictate a choice. I wish I could have passed out more ribbons for those adventurous souls who can tackle the riotous colors of an autumn scene. Please keep the brushes moving and the camera shutters clicking!

Craig Fisher – 09/23/16

Accepted Works

Gloria Adams
Sandra Belkofer
Linda Jo Bosinger
Melody Carle
Liga Daiga

Paul DeCola

Shashi Goel

Michael Hill

Marti Huepenbecker

Kay Kocher
Sharon Lennard

Doris Mathias

Donlyn Meyers

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien
Katherine Pattay

Elaine Scarvelis
Carol Sicha
Thomas Sorrell
Romaine Stawowy

Melanie Stinson
John Trumbull

Mack Walton

Claire Wilson

Maumee River at Providence Dam
A House in the Woods
Autumn Sunset
Autumn Swan Song
Mama, papa and baby Schroom
Autumn Colors
Fall Morning
Fall in Toledo
Haroon Park
Schedel Garden
Leaves & Rocks # 2
Leaves and Acorns
Garden Bridge, Autumn
Gazebo View, Autumn
Harvest Time
Autumn Spirit I
Autumn Spirit II
Autumn Spirit III
Autumn Trio
Garden Group
Tree Trimmings
Pumpkin Wagon
Sugar Creek in October
Swan Creek Meadow
Wagon of Mums
Little Creek
Lake Superior Submerged Jewels
Last of the Season - Indian Summer
Falling for Fall
Watchful Eye
Autumn on the Snake River
Boardwalk @ Wildwood
Gold Leaves on a Blue Sky
Parklike Setting
Magical Pumpkin Story
Autumn at the Lake
October Color Me Orange
Birchwood Home
September Redwoods
Eighth Month Special
From the Top
Idle Sunset